Past Projects

First Fridays Events

First Fridays have been a series of “cultural happy hours” hosted by LBNY-Arts in conjunction with local organizations and businesses, funded in part by a generous donation from Billy Crystal, with the intent to bring performing arts to Long Beach. Events consisted of a variety of art, performance (e.i. music, dance, comedic) and food.

Ticket Booth Project

In Spring 2016, LBNY-Arts held a Ticket Booth Painting Contest. Artists with selected entries had the opportunity to paint a ticket booth during a one-day community event. The contest resulted in the showcasing of artwork from a variety of artists across more than twenty ticket booths located at beach entrances for that summer season.

Community Art Project

The Community Arts Program is our longest running program, made possible by a grant from the City of Long Beach along with the Long Beach Housing Authority and Long Beach Art League. The program serves as an introduction to art for underserved members of the community, finding great success particularly with our seniors. LBNY-Arts hopes to continue and expand the Community Art Program.

The Jellyfish Jamboree

The Jellyfish Jamboree is a celebration of creativity hosted by LBNY-Arts on Earth Day. Members of the community are encouraged to upcycle materials to create ocean-themed costumes and floats. Participants parade along the Long Beach Boardwalk, accompanied by music, to Kennedy Plaza, where the festivities continue.