About the LBNY
Arts Council

The Council

The Long Beach Council for the Arts, also known as LBNY-Arts, was revitalized by the City Council in 2014. To fulfill its mission of enhancing the cultural environment and encouraging artistic awareness, LBNY-Arts was tasked with both assisting the development of new art programs, cultural activities, and initiatives, as well as promoting art as it exists in the community.

Indeed, the vision of our current Council for the Arts is to make Art Work for Long Beach to literally make artwork through continued and new art programs and initiatives, such as our long-standing Community Arts Program and prospective mural projects; and to make art work for us by fostering an awareness and appreciation for the Arts, our artists, and existing art organizations, so that the Arts can thrive in Long Beach.

LBNY-Arts is comprised of volunteer board members from various backgrounds who are Long Beach residents, in addition to a liaison from the City and a part-time Director of Development. Board members attend monthly board meetings and dedicate time and resources throughout the month to further specific goals. The generous involvement of community volunteers and sponsors continues to make these goals attainable, and LBNY-Arts sincerely appreciates the continued support.

Board of Directors

Ed Kennedy


George Trepp

Vice President / Treasurer

Katie Mitchell


Margaret G. Wilson

Board Member

Anthony Trichter

Board Member

Susan Tian Clancy

Board Member

Abbie Golding

Board Member

David Feldman

Board Member

Allan Fox

*Forever in our hearts*

Director of Development

Eve Hammer

Director of Development

City Liaison

Patricia Bourne

Director of Economic Development and Planning, City of Long Beach

Long Beach, NY
City Council

City Council

John D. Bendo, President
Elizabeth M. Treston, Vice President
Roy Lester, Council Member
Karen McInnis, Council Member
Tina Posterli, Council Member

Acting City Manager

Ronald J. Walsh